FMW Brand Acceleration Solves Fleet Service Providers’ Chief Challenge: How to Succeed in Branding and Lead Generation When Budget Is Tight

New FLEET LEADS Acceleration Program Promises to Keep Your Sales Reps Busy

According to, a chief complaint among B2B marketers is that expense-fixated senior management often gives them the impossible challenge of achieving unrealistic KPIs with inadequate resources — budget and staff.

They must develop and implement strategy and tactics without inter-departmental involvement in establishing corporate goals, and worse, they should lead the way in employing a broad spectrum of innovative technologies:

  • Content marketing
  • Website design and UX
  • Brand development
  • Website development
  • Paid acquisition
  • Marketing operations
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Social media and PR
  • Events and campaigns

Let’s face it – suppliers to the fleet industry address every conceivable niche in the fleet vehicle lifecycle and can impact the Total Cost of Ownership every step of the way. Telling your company’s story and differentiating your company’s value proposition from the competition to the key target audience can be challenging! Top-of-mind awareness and engaging messaging bolster consideration by fleet decision-makers.

A New Kind of Marketing Resource Expressly for Fleet Service and Product Providers

Often, marketing and branding managers are frustrated by the lack of industry-savvy marketing support they can rely on from outside marketing agencies – a full-time agency retainer is cost prohibitive. It involves extended ramp-up time for agency reps to learn the industry.

Specialized project help from freelancers also requires excessive time to learn about the business and industry before starting a project.

Fleet Management Weekly, the fleet industry’s premier source of fleet-only video interviews, news, and feature articles for over 20 years, heard the complaints and brought to the fleet industry a new service, FMW Brand Acceleration, to help fleet product and service providers continuously build their brands’ value story and to generate sales leads, without the hassle of finding and paying a premium for a generalized branding, marketing, or PR firm.

Marketing Beyond Editorial Coverage

News coverage remains a critical public relations activity for any B2B business. Fleet Management Weekly recognized its value early on and enhanced it by offering the industry’s first video interviews and lead data tracking. 

Now FMW again leads the fleet industry by supplementing editorial coverage with a full array of fleet-focused marketing activities that begin with consulting, branding, marketing, and lead generation strategies designed to address a fleet product or service provider’s differentiated position and unique value proposition.

Now, as a collaborative, fleet-focused marketing partner, FMW marketing experts listen first. What are the organization’s business and marketing objectives? Does a strategic plan exist, or what specific goals need to be achieved? What are the pain points preventing the attainment of those goals? 

With answers to these discovery questions, FMW Brand Acceleration can deliver a plan that helps meet business goals and delight the business’ marketing stakeholders – customers, partners, employees, and management team.

New FMW FLEET LEADS Accelerate Lead Generation

As the newest component of a multi-channel, integrated branding, and lead generation plan, FMW FLEET LEADS extraordinarily reaches large numbers of highly sought-after fleet management-related product and service decision-makers. The FMW FLEET LEADS program comprises 400,000+ contacts for fleets with two or more vehicles. Each contact includes emails, addresses, phone numbers, and total vehicle count broken down by type. 

Customers agree to an FMW email blast campaign of at least two mailings to access these leads. The FMW marketing team will collaborate with the customer to produce an engaging message and then distribute it to Fleet Management Weekly’s 17,000-plus readers and the customer’s list. FMW Brand Acceleration can then add a quantity of FMW FLEET LEADS, targeted by a fleet profile that meets the customer’s target market segment.

The Foundation of Marketing: Content

Because Fleet Management Weekly’s business is editorial, we know that every supplier needs a library of up-to-date content that can be custom-fitted to the application. Blogs, videos, podcasts, rich media, editorials, case studies, and white papers are all powerful tools to bring awareness to your brand. Still, they all rely on marketing content that is reviewed and revised as products and service change, as users and user needs evolve, and as competition and the market require changes in strategy.

FMW Brand Acceleration creators who work with fleet providers and users daily can quickly turn around engaging creative that meets or exceeds expectations for mailings, newsletters, webinars, conferences, or other special events. And now, with FMW FLEET LEADS, the sales team receives new sales contacts.

Segmented Marketing Is More Effective

While many fleet products or services companies count on a “one size fits all” approach to their marketing –either from a staffing point of view or from an agency-a supplier may miss potential sales opportunities. If one doesn’t understand the priorities, values, and problems customers face, a company cannot effectively communicate them.

Fleet industry-based marketing ensures a more thorough and timely understanding of customers’ issues and challenges. It opens the door for timely resolution through the product or service offerings.

It is well-known that specific industries respond better to certain marketing channels. Over time, research resulting from conferences, webinars, trade association networking, and relationship development is common in the fleet industry. As a fleet industry specialist, FMW Brand Awareness understands this target market and how to reach them. This insider information informs the creation of specific targeting and messaging strategies.

Learn how the customized approach to brand and marketing acceleration, and now lead generation, can be developed to meet the specific needs of a fleet product or services company.  Reach us at (484) 957-1246, or [email protected]