Catch up with Fleet Management Weekly’s Brand Acceleration team for a simple introduction to our “up-sourced” fleet marketing services!

Our fleet-experienced marketing team will accelerate recognition of your brand and its unique sales proposition. Our fleet marketing expertise will generate more leads to accelerate sales and business growth.

Project-Based ‘Upsourced’ Marketing Support:

  • Content development (blogs, white papers, sales literature)
  • Social media campaigns
  • ‘Fleet Leads’ from our database of 400,000 emails
  • Email blast campaigns, and much more!

Strategic Marketing Support:

  • Strategic marketing planning
    • Buyer personas
    • Competitive SWOT analysis
    • MQL lead generation
    • Buyer journey marketing support
    • Performance metric reporting


NAFA I&E is the perfect place to launch your nascent 2024 marketing program. This year’s conference gives you the opportunity to lock in the expert marketing support your business needs to achieve its marketing and sales goals to obtain FleetLeads from Fleet Management Weekly’s Brand Acceleration.


Even if you have an internal marketing team or PR firm, our fleet-experienced, “up-sourced” team will ensure that your marketing needs are continually satisfied throughout the buyers’ journey.


Contact Us Before, During or After the NAFA I&E to Learn More

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